Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC)

Details About of LGPC

Lalita classes offer a long-term course in the form of an LGPC-Lalita graduate program certificate.
In this course, you can learn two languages at the cost of one. Currently, we offer Russian language till B2 level free with any of our other languages.

LGPC offers a big discount on the fees. Courses like IELTS are free for students who have opted for LGPC. If not IELTS, you can avail of a Personality Development/Advanced English course of about 50 hours duration. We also give the LGPC students access to premium accounts of apps like Kindle, Audible, Yabla, and Busuu.


* Discounts
* Free second language
* Soft skills development for free
* Free access to apps and library

Benefits of LGPC

Save 10,000 ₹

Learn More by Saving More

Free Books

You get all the Study Material

Gift on admission.

A Surprise Welcome Gift

Personality Development

50 hours Personality Development session free of cost.

Complimentry Russian

Russian language classroom session of more than 200 Hours.

Audio & Video Learning

Interactive AV based password protected lectures for study at home.

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