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Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese with our Japanese language courses, which are delivered using a proven method.  Our Japanese language courses will give you the confidence to speak and write in Japanese, and offer you a continued sense of progression and achievement.

Learning a new language, or improving on your current language skills, takes time and dedication. But don’t worry, our enthusiastic and highly qualified teachers will keep you motivated and engaged during your Japanese lessons.

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An evening course in Japanese will give you a window onto one of the word’s most fascinating and unique cultures; a land of sushi and sumo, karate and karaoke, bullet trains and bonsai. It will also of course equip you with the language skills you need to understand the language at any level. Learn Japanese and you will experience a different perspective of the world.

Whether you want to take Japanese classes for business or pleasure, you will be able to reach out to its 130 million speakers in Japan and other corners of the globe.