Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC)

Details About of LGPC

We offer career oriented  courses. Learning language is an investment and the end is always pleasing. Our graduate and undergraduate courses  ensure you are fluent in the language chosen by you. 

The undergraduate course includes two levels in the chosen language A1 A2 and the graduate course includes 4 levels A1 A2 B1 B2. The graduate course makes you job ready.

The graduate course is designed for 2 years and the undergraduate course for 6-8months. The graduate  course is recommended as it saves money and gives you more exposure and more career opportunities.

Benefits of LGPC

Save 10,000 ₹

Learn More by Saving More

Free Books

You get all the Study Material

Gift on admission.

A Surprise Welcome Gift

Personality Development

50 hours Personality Development session free of cost.

Complimentry Russian

Russian language classroom session of more than 200 Hours.

Audio & Video Learning

Interactive AV based password protected lectures for study at home.

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